2nd prize winner of the Somfy Award

09/10/2022 – 29/01/2023 

The work of all 8 nominees is on show in Fotomuseum Museum Het Vrijthof Maastricht.
Other photographers are: Jérémy De Backer (FR), Nathalie Daoust (CAN), Chantal Heijnen (NL), Bas Losekoot (First prize winner NL), Viktor Hübner (DE), Petra Noordkamp (NL) en Fab Rideti (FR)


Marion Maimon, Popel Coumou, Hubert Crabieres, Jason Evans & The Garden Gate project

Flamanville Castle
From July 1st to October 30th 2022

With more than a thousand varieties from the five continents, the Château de Flamanville is home to the only dahlia conservatory garden in Europe. Dedicated to the preservation of the species of this flower, it presents the collection of the French Dahlia Society, whose many varieties bloom until the last months of summer.

Taking the garden’s territory as a starting point, the Centre photographique Rouen Normandie has conceived an exhibition associating four photographers gathered around the flower.

The invitation was first extended to Marion Maimon, a French photographer, to document the different varieties present in the conservatory garden during the past flowering season, in the fall of 2021. While in residency in Flamanville, she wandered around the garden and made a gallery of portraits of dahlias, “posing” in front of the elements of the coastal landscape: sky, water, rock. She is joined here by three photographers who have each recently developed a personal work on the flower. The Dutch photographer Popel Coumou deploys skilful architectures of colored papers and modeling clay flowers oscillating between naivety and precision. Hubert Crabières, a French photographer, portrays the artificial flower, between pretension to realism and fantasy temptation, while Jason Evans, an English photographer and actor of the community garden The Garden Gate Project located in Margate (Kent), makes still life the place of social linkage, by conducting photographic workshops.

The unveiling of the Meijburg Art Commission work

“At the head office of KPMG Meijburg & Co in Amstelveen, the winner of the Meijburg Art Commission 2021, Popel Coumou, unveiled the artwork she created especially for Meijburg.  With the Meijburg Art Commission, we have been supporting talented artists since 2015, offering them the chance to develop a major work that will become part of the Meijburg art collection. This year it was Popel’s turn.

Popel Coumou creates a constructed photographic reality by literally taking apart her photographs and rebuilding them with different, layered materials. In doing so, she seeks a balance between abstraction and recognizable reality in her work. For her artwork ‘161_Untitled 2022’, she photographed an inconspicuous corner of Meijburg’s landmark building and depicts the changing light that transforms the work from serene white relief to a recognizable space with color and sense of depth.

Unbound at Unseen

16/09/2021 – 19/09/2021
During Unseen Amsterdam a selection of artist show new work at Unbound.
Curated by Marcel Feil.

Winner of the Meijburg Art Commission 2022

The Meijburg Art Commission is a means for Meijburg to offer talented photographers the opportunity to create new works and present them to a wider public. “Artists are able to inspire us and have us look at society through a different lens. Particularly in these times we must continue investing in culture and support artists.” – Wilbert Kannekens, chairperson of the Managing Board KPMG Meijburg & Co.

Fotomuseum The Hague

07/11/2020 – 03/10/2021 Extended!

A project with work specially made for the project space in Fotomuseum The Hague.

Popel has produced new work specially for the projects gallery at Fotomuseum Den Haag , using the space itself while at the same time revealing her creative process. She has enlarged her collage technique, which she had previously used mainly in a small format, to create an installation that will allow visitors to step into her illusionary world. Popel Coumou drew inspiration for the work from the iconic Kunstmuseum Den Haag building next door, designed by architect H.P. Berlage (1856-1934), as well as the architectural lines of the Fotomuseum.

Beautiful video made by Gerrit Schreurs

Gerrit Schreurs made a beautiful video for/about my show in Fotomuseum Den Haag.
He visited my studio and filmed during building the show.

See the video here


Paola van de Velde about my show “Papier en Licht” / “Paper and Light”
at Fotomuseum Den Haag.

Het Parool

About my show “A paper perspective” at TORCH Gallery


Sandra Smets about my show “Papier en Licht” / “Paper and Light”
at Fotomuseum Den Haag.

New Book!!!

In December 2020 my new book with a large selection of my work was published
Designed by -SYB-

Send me an email: if you want to order your copy.

Hans Gremmen mentioned my book: Photobooks of 2020

Paper and Light by Popel Coumou, self-published

The medium of the book is used in its optimum form: showing the intriguing work of Popel Coumou. It is both a catalogue, and a artist book. Playing with transparency of paper, the shadows of the spine. Making this book part of her oeuvre, not just showcasing it.

"A Paper Perspective" at TORCH Gallery

21/11/2020 – 13/02/2021 Extended
A solo show with new work at Torch Gallery

TORCH proudly presents A Paper Perspective, the sixth solo exhibition of Popel Coumou at the gallery. It showcases a selection of recent works by the photographic artist. Next to a number of large-scale photographic works gracing the arches and walls of the gallery, we present for the first time a selection of original collages.

Popel Coumou’s photographs question our perception of space. Working from an analogue technique of collage and miniature, the simplest physical constructions are transformed into intriguing, dreamlike images that compel us to question what we see. The slight shadow of the paper’s edge, the lack of a line where you expect it to be drawn: these details create both confusion and depth. The artist suggests entire worlds with nothing more than the delicate lines of paper and light.

Special Editions

In 2020 I will have a show in the Fotomuseum The Hague.
During the opening I will present my new publication with a large selection of my work from 2003 till now.
Designed by Sybren Kuiper.

To finance my new publication I offer two special editions!

Pictures from another wall

The collection of Huis Marseille at De Pont
15/02/2020 – 05/07/2020

Huis Marseille, Museum voor Fotografie in Amsterdam, bestaat twintig jaar. Met een tentoonstelling van zo’n honderd werken uit de collectie wordt dit lustrum gevierd in de nieuwe vleugel van de Tilburgse zusterinstelling museum De Pont.
In de afgelopen twee decennia heeft Huis Marseille een mooie verzameling bijeengebracht van ruim zevenhonderd fotowerken van internationaal toonaangevende fotografen als Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, Andreas Gursky, Andres Serrano, Deana Lawson, Viviane Sassen en Jean-Luc Mylayne. Maar ook minder gevestigde namen zijn vertegenwoordigd, zoals Jamie Hawkesworth en Julie Greve, die opereren op het snijvlak van mode en kunst.

Het vervagen van grenzen binnen de fotografische discipline is een van de invalshoeken van de tentoonstelling in De Pont, die zich concentreert op de aanwinsten van de afgelopen vijf jaar. Zowel de digitale revolutie, de alomtegenwoordigheid van fotografie online en de terugkeer naar analoge praktijken zijn van invloed op de vraag wat fotografie anno 2020 is. En hoe ga je binnen een museale verzameling om met die nieuwe ontwikkelingen? Pictures from Another Wall probeert op die vraag een antwoord te geven.

La Soupe de Daguerre

Fotomuseum Den Haag
07/09/2019 – 22/03/2020

An exhibition with a selection out of de collection of the Photomuseum The Hague.

Almost all of us take photographs every day using our smartphone. The vast majority of them are never printed, but are shared online or stored in digital form. As a result, we generally do not experience these photographs as physical objects, but as intangible images. Photos that are printed are, however, not necessarily regarded as objects either. One of the reasons for this is that the visual idiom of photography is largely realistic: a photograph of a person is an exact likeness of that person. Photography is a ‘transparent’ medium – when we look at a photograph it is as if we are looking directly at what is portrayed in the photograph. The material of the photograph itself becomes invisible, as it were. The properties of the material of which a photograph is made are however vital to the story told by the photograph.

Art Rotterdam

06/02/2020 – 09/02/2020
TORCH Gallery, Booth 54, Main Section

With Popel Coumou, Erik de Bree, Thijs Zweers, Casper Braat and
Philip Akkerman

For more info about Art Rotterdam see
For more info about the artists see

Photo Basel

11/06/19 – 16/06/19

With TORCH Gallery

Publication in Pf

3 pages in Pf photography magazine

Whispering light in Het Parool

Double spread in Het Parool about my project Whispering light.

David Lloyd Club Overtoom - Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

“Whispering light” at David Lloyd is extended till December 27th!!

I transformed the display window of the David Lloyd gym on the Overtoom – originally designed as a showroom for cars – into a photographic lightbox. 

Whispering light in Het Parool!

Photo: Bouwe Jan Swart

Exhibition Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

Accompanying my site specific work I show a selection of my work at Soledad Senlle Art Foundation.
Exhibition runs till December 2nd.
Open from Thursday till Saturday from 11:00 till 18:00

Photo: Bouwe Jan Swart

TORCH Gallery

08/09/2018 – 23/10/2018
“Into the Wild blue younder”

Groupshow with works by Philip Akkerman, Casper Braat, Eelco Brand, Anton Corbijn, Popel Coumou, Line Gulsett, Günther Förg, Daan van Golden, Anya Janssen, Yves Klein, Louise te Poele and Thijs Zweers.
Press release

Huize Frankendael

23/09/2018 – 02/12/2018
Opening: 23/09/2018  15:30 – 17:00
Frankendael Foundation en Young Collectors Circle organized the exhibition “The Image of a Private Collection”.

A groupshow with collected works of: Marieke Gelissen, Nicky Powell, Katja Mater, Elspeth Diederix, Martijn Mendel, Charlotte Dumas, Sanne Peper, Koos Breukel, Maisie Cousins, Eva Besnyö, Jan Dibbets, Marijke van Warmerdam, Misha de Ridder, Henk van der Leeden, Rob Hornstra, Awoiska van der Molen, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Katharine Cooper, August Sander, Popel Coumou, Marnix Goossens, Misha de Ridder, Tobias Asser, Tahmineh Monzavi, Mehrdad Naraghi, Sjoerd Knibbeler en Edgar Martins.

KadS, Art at the Schinkel 2018

22/04/2018 – 03/06/2018
“When Notion of time disappears”
Opening: April 22nd 15:00

An art event in public space in Amsterdam.

I made made a picture for an advertisement pillar on the Schinkelkade.
This work is also available as special edition.

Participating artists are:
Semâ Bekirovic [NL], Popel Coumou [NL], Tamar Frank [NL], Eva Gonggrijp [NL], Kubra Khademi [AF], Hertog Nadler [NL–IL], André Pielage [NL], Henk Schut [NL], Aeneas Wilder [UK]

Volta Basel

12/06/2017 – 17/06/2017
Presentation in the stand of LMAK Gallery New York togehter with Jane Benson

Dead Darlings auction

Sunday June 11th from 2pm
Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.
60 anonymous works including one of mine will be auctioned.

Het Parool about my solo show in Torch Gallery
Solo show in TORCH Gallery

08/04/2017 – 20/05/2017
Opening April 8th 5-7 pm

Special edition

A special edition.
Containing a small work (17 x 26 cm) and the 5 popel publications.
Box designed by: Studio Kadra
Production: Brown Cartonnages
Edition: 20
Price: 400 euro

Popel dark blue

popel dark blue
Designed by: Katja Vercouteren
Edition: 250
Price: 10 euro excl. shipping
Order it by sending me, TORCHgallery or LMAKgallery an email.

Zandvoorts Museum 'Van Mondriaan tot Dutch Design'

20/01/2017 – 16/03/2017
Met o.a. werk van: Popel Coumou, Marga Duin, Udo Geisler, Kuno Grommers, Irma de Jong-Middelkoop, Petra Laaper, Onno van Middelkoop, Eric de Nie, Daan Roukens, Rob Slooten en Nico Stammis

Cover of the NTVG Magazine with a nice text of Sabrina Kamstra inside.

This work is in the collection of the AMC Hospital.

popel bordeaux is presented.

Designed by: Katja Vercouteren
Edition: 250
Price: 10 euro excl shipping
Order it by sending me, TORCHgallery or LMAKgallery an email.

Cultural Museum of Mechelen in Belgium

Photo Event 2016
With Among others: Michael Kenna, Friederike von Rauch, Bae Bien-U, Eelco Brand, Popel Coumou, Athos Burez, Dirk Jacobs en Adriaan Hauwaert

Dubai Photo Exhibition, popel coumou 2016
Photo Dubai Exhibition

Dutch / Belgian pavilion at the ‘Photo Dubai Exhibition.
18 curators curated a show with photographs from 23 countries.
Els Barents curated the Dutch/Belgium pavilion with:
Awoiska van der Molen, Dirk Braeckman, Frank van der Salm, Geert Goiris, Marijke van Warmerdam, Popel Coumou and Scarlett Hooft Graafland.

popel turquoise is presented!

Designed by: Katja Vercouteren
Edition: 250
Price: 10 euro excl shipping
Order it by sending me, TORCHgallery or LMAKgallery an email.

popel blue is presented!

Designed by: Katja Vercouteren
Edition: 250
Price: 10 euro excl shipping
Order it by sending me, TORCHgallery or LMAKgallery an email.

popel red is presented!

Designed by: Katja Vercouteren
Edition: 250
Price: 10 euro excl shipping
Order it by sending me, TORCHgallery or LMAKgallery an email.