25 oktober 2018

Whispering light


Photographs and timelaps video of the installation: by Bouwe Jan Swart

Whispering light
A photographic light installation.
3 November – 2 December 2018
Best seen between sunset and sunrise opposite Overtoom 557, Amsterdam.

Popel Coumou has transformed the display window of the David Lloyd gym on Overtoom – originally designed as a showroom for cars – into a photographic lightbox. Between sunset and sunrise the image will continually change in a cycle of 4 minutes. During the day a soft glow of what was seen at night will stay.

Popel uses characteristic aspects of the photographic medium – light, space and time – in an abstract-poetic way. Her works are analogue photos of small, delicate collages. Popel can be said to sculpt light in her dreamlike, carefully arranged photo images. Her layered method of working allows her to simultaneously show reality and abstraction, a quality that she uses to exploit and highlight the duality of the medium.
In her recent work, the photo collage – which previously only served as a base for the ultimate photo – has become the end result.

Thanks to the changing illumination the mood and the appearance of the gigantic installation in David Lloyd’s display window gradually changes over time, in the process revealing a variety of photographic layers. Resembling a softly breathing picture. Like a quiet beacon in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the work persuades passers-by to stop and reflect for a moment.

A poem written by harrie to accompany the work:

de nacht
de dag
heeft verzwolgen,
zal ik
de herinnering

This project had been supported by the Soledad Senlle Art Foundation.
Soledad Senlle Art Foundation is a non-profit organisation that supports projects by young and established artists working in a variety of disciplines. The foundation strives to draw the public’s attention to innovative projects. Soledad Senlle involves the surrounding urban environment and neighbourhood residents and organisations, with the intent to encourage creative and critical reflection on contemporary art.

Sponsors & partners
The project at David Lloyd is possible in part thanks to the support of the City of Amsterdam and Soledad Senlle B.V.

25 oktober 2018