24 november 2019

Special edition

edities 2019 Popel Coumoukopie

To finance a new publication I offer two special editions!
In 2020 I will have a show in the Fotomuseum The Hague.
During the opening I will present my new publication with a large selection of my work from 2003 till now. Designed by Sybren Kuiper.

  1. Collage
    Collages form, since 2004, the basis of my work. By lighting my collages from the back or front and then photographing them, I create my final image. In the last few years collages became more and more a work by itself.
    This edition is a handmade paper collage.
    Size: 41 x 28 cm
    Price: 550,- euro (framed with glass: 715,- euro)
    Edition: 20
  2. Flower still life
    For this occassion I photographed a new specially made miniature clay still life.
    Size: 70 x 47 cm on 2 mm dibond with a frame on the back.
    Price: 550,- euro (framed with glass: 830,- euro)
    Edition: 20

If you buy one of these works you support my project and, if you want, your name will be mentioned in the book.

24 november 2019