Somfy Photography Award 2022

Somfy Photography Award 2022 (winner of the 2nd prize)
Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof Maastricht
October 2022 – January 2023
An exhibition with the 8 nominated candidates for the Somfy Photography Award.
Jérémy De Backer (FR), Nathalie Daoust (CAN), Chantal Heijnen (NL), Viktor Hübner (DE), Petra Noordkamp (NL) en Fab Rideti (FR).

In Popel’s photographic installation for the Somfy Photography Award we become part of her created world. The real and constructed world come next to and at the same time opposite of each other. Besides two images where she reacts on the exhibition space of the museum she has also incorporated the gallery space. By lighting the space and painting the walls she uses the space as if it was het 2 dimensional paper collage. Where does the wall and floor end and her work begin? The sun and skies become part of the small inside world of the museum. Can a spotlight to sharp to look in and sky-coloured walls and floors bring the outside world inside? What does this do to our perception and experience of the inner world? How does our fantasy relate to reality?

Jury Report:
Popel Coumou has a strong, unique and own style. She creates a new world with her work. An outsider who pushes boundaries. She literally and figuratively plays with the light and translates this into a special, three-dimensional installation where you as a visitor have to walk in and out of a few times to understand it. As a spectator you will be surprised. She makes it difficult for herself to translate what is in her head, into practice. During the creation process, she bravely and positively looked for solutions to overcome all sorts of practical obstacles. An eager to learn, hard worker. The jury expresses the wish that by obtaining this second prize, she will continue to link for further design of three-dimensional space in which is played with light. With her signature she adds something to contemporary photography. A new vision.